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The fine art of magic

At the beggining of the nineties, Rafa Peletey started to produce, arrange and record the work of other artists, eventually funding his own record label Island Pulse Records with Steve Norman (founder member of Spandau Ballet) in 2002. Alongside his own Albums and his work behind the downtempo and deep house project Bassofondo, Rafa produced the works of Cloudfish, Quintessenza, Marga Bufí, Manolo Diaz, John Mitchell, Omar Guzmán and many others.

Rafa Peletey

Some of the albums produced by Rafa Peletey 

A sample of his work as a producer, composer and arranger

Cover CD My Space by Cloudfish, funded by Rafa Peletey and Steve Norman


My Space

Created by Spandau Ballet's Steve Norman and Rafa Peletey and later joined by Bucks Fizz's singer Shelley Preston, Cloudfish delivered his own breed of Pop/Chill/Electronica influenced by the Ibiza vibe. Their song "So High" was included in several chill out compilations, like Dome Ibiza Chillout Sessions Vol.2, among others.
Additionaly to co-produce the band with Norman, Rafa contributed with composition, arrangements, keyboards, guitars and drum programmings. 

Cover CD Fils d'Aire from Marga Bufi produced by Rafa Peletey

Marga Bufí

Fils d'Aire

Marga Bufí is one of the most notorious singer-songwriter of Ibiza and throughout her carreer she has received numerous awards.
This album had an important echo in Catalonia, receiving extensive radio airplay and difussion with "Sense Fronteras", a latin cover of Sade's "Smooth Operator" and "Soledat" a duet with the singer Chris Juanico from the band Ja T'ho Diré.

Rafa composed the arrangements for the album and additionaly produced the two singles. He also recorded keyboards and did the drum programming.

Cover CD Una Guitarra en Ibiza from Manolo Diaz, containing Talamanca, produced by Rafa Peletey

Manolo Diaz

Una Guitarra En Ibiza

Manolo Diaz is a guitar legend of Ibiza. He moved to the island in the early seventies and thus experienced all of the hippy era. Elegant and sensitive, his guitar touch is full of spirit, like this instrumental album, wich include a first version of his lounge hit Talamanca, included in many Ibiza compilations.

Rafa did the arrangements for the album and co-wrote some of the songs. He also recorded the keyboards and drum programmings.

Cover CD Sing For An Angel by John Mitchell Produced by Rafa Peletey

Jon Mitchell

Sing For An Angel

Jon Mitchell is another Ibiza legend. Talented singer-songwriter and leader of the rock band Los Malos, He is as well  one of the  founders of the world class Event Namaste, with which he has been touring the worldIn this album he presents some of his soul-blues oriented work. 

Rafa arranged and co-produced the whole album. He also recorded keyboards, additional guitars and drum programmings.

Cover CD Quintessenza Produced by Steve Norman and Rafa Peletey



Co-produced with Steve Norman, this was the debut work of Quintessenza, an italian project formed by an all female string quartet plus pianist of fine classical players delivering a mixture of pop, classical and electronic music. Distributed by Sony Music, the project enjoyed ample TV and radio coverage in Italy. You can buy the CD here.

Additionaly to co-produce the album,
Rafa contributed with compositions and arrangements, drum programmings

Album Cover Luna Mentirosa From Rafa Peletey

Rafa Peletey

Luna Mentirosa

Containing his song Luna Mentirosa, the first solo album of Rafa Peletey was enterely produced, arranged, recorded and performed by himself, with the exception of the saxophone part in Como Un Puñado De Arena, contributed by Uli Wolters.

Album covers of Releases and compilations containing works of Rafa Peletey

Freelance Producer

Extensive experience

Rafa has been producing music featuring on dozens of compilations under different aliases since the mid nineties.
BassoFondo, DotCom, La mecanica or Funkyjack are a few of the names adopted on his releases. 
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“Rafa is a consumate professional...artist/songwriter/music producer and an enormous pleasure to work with.”

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